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Introduction to Python Workshop

The CircuitPython Circuit Playground Express Sound and Light Project

On 2/23/19 I taught my first “Introduction to Python” workshop at Ocean State Maker Mill.
What a great experience getting a chance to interact with everyone that attended. The class slides and code are available on GitHub.

Class Description:

Introduction to Python using: Adafruit CircuitPython & Circuit Playground Express

This workshop is designed to be a fun introduction to the Python language and micro-controllers.

This is a hands on interactive workshop!

Over 3 hours we will explore programming concepts with Python while we implement a project to translate sound into a colorful light display. This is a beginner class, no prior programming experience is needed.

We will cover:

- How to install CircuitPython on the Circuit Playground Express
- Installing the Mu Python editor
- Basic Python concepts, syntax, data types, operators, and expressions
- How to use Python to interact with the Circuit Playground Express

At the completion of the class you will have your own Circuit Playground Express to take home, programmed in Python to create a colorful light display in response to sound. You will be on your way to creating your own interactive projects!